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Best Laid Plans and All That

When I came back here, I had some notion that I was going to get into writing fanfiction again. I was just finishing up all the Doctor Who on Netflix, and was itching to write something. I wrote a few paragraphs, and promptly turned my creative energies elsewhere. Namely, programming.

I'm very excited about programming, and I've managed to maintain that enthusiasm for several months--generally a sign that something is here to stay. I started out working on an iPhone game, then hit a stumbling block when I couldn't decide how I wanted the game mechanics to work. I had a brief (a day or two) detour into working on The Fanfiction Site That Must Not Be Named Because Frankly I'm Embarrassed To Have My Name On It At This Point. (People are still using it! Why? It's been basically untouched since 2006.) Then I dove into some actual paying work which taught me more than I ever wanted to know about WebObjects. Now that's basically complete, and I'm back to working on a different iPhone game while poking at a WordPress template and considering the fanfiction site again.

It's quite remarkable, really, how easily programming skills transfer from one language, platform, or framework to another. In the last six months, I've gotten my hands dirty with Objective C, Cocos2D, Java, WebObjects, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Moai, and lua. Sure, some of them (Java) I've only briefly poked at, and would have no idea where to start building something new...but I've made changes to existing code and had it not break. And as I get more comfortable with any individual language, I'm finding that switching to another one gets easier and easier. Once you know how to do something in one language, doing it in another is just a Google search away.

It's a different sort of creativity than writing a story or drawing a picture, but I'm finding it scratches the same itch. I'd still like to write something, but for now I'm doing this.

Once more, with feeling.

Been thinking I'm going to start posting here again. I've been less than happy with the other social media options I've tried, and my old outrage at LJ's policies seems a little ridiculous in light of the stuff I've learned to just accept from Facebook.

I spent a while reading old entries last night, and then went back and set them to private. This journal is over 10 years old, and a lot of that stuff is not at all reflective of who I am now. The person who started this journal...well, she doesn't really exist anymore. Back then, she needed a voice; she needed to pour out all her misery and rage and joy into this space because she didn't have any other way to cope with the overwhelming size of it all.

The text record of my journey hardly needs to be public. If you knew me back then, you remember what I was like. If you didn't, reading that stuff wouldn't help you understand me today. I might go back and un-screen some of it later. I might not. Either way, you're not missing anything important.

New outlook, new start, new me. Nice to meet you!


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